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PUURgroenten has a particular philosophy: look at vegetables as a chef. The convenience and taste perception are considered an important pillar of PUURgroenten. The super- fresh vegetables are harvested daily, making them particularly crisp and their flavor will suprise you.

Nasturtium Mini Leaves (4cm)

Articlenumber: 140043

Red amaranth

Articlenumber: 140021

Sea Orach

Articlenumber: 590002

Purslane leaf

Article number: 140073

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Wholesale market, passion for fruit and vegetables!

Restaurant Stroming

Stroming, the force of nature, from sun to mouth.

Restaurant Bord'eau

The pearl in De L'Europe's culinary crown.

'T Readthuys

'T Raedthuys (of the year 1863) from Hans den Engelsen & Karina van der Kolk.