PUURgroenten grows Mini and micro vegetables,vegetables, herbs, eatable flowersand salty vegs, to be decorative, but in addition to the total dish and to be used by anyone who is interested in a particular vegetable, herb or edible flower.


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Premium Quality - Est 2020 - Netherlands

Traditionally made | Vegan | Gluten Free | Zero waste

Han, Saskia en Jeroen brewed with own recipe a INSANE premium LEMONADE. With superb quality products of our own harvest violas, calendula, daisy and fresh herbs en the pure taste of fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice they created a taste bomb.

Nature Calls | You see what you get | You get what you want

Flower Lemonade is fantastic to use as a non alcoholic drink. But also a premiun addition for alcoholic drinks.

Minimum 20 glasses lemonade

Content: 500 ml

Lemonade is a Collab PUURgroenten & Jeroen Klepper


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