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We work customer oriented. You ask and we try to cultivate it. Unfortunately it does not succeed every try, but a lot does succeed. We look worldwide and thereby we use our extensive network of seed companies and refiners to find the products that you are asking for. From a fennel flower to a wonderfull aromatic marjoram or mini shanghai paksoi till that one special pansy.

Upon request

On request

PUURgroenten also cultivate on request! Do you organise a certain party or symposium and you are looking for special beautiful PUURgroenten vegetables, herbs or edible flowers? Then you can reserve a part of our pond. For you the assurance that you have the right vegetables for your dishes. A few months preceding that special day, we take all the preparation by ordering seeds from one of our suppliers. We sow, maintain and harvesting the products as you wish. A customized product, specially for you!

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A special partnership

We have a special partnership with:
Rungis B.V. Grocery, with passion for vegetables and fruit!

Rungis, fresh specialist for the hospitality industry, in potatoes, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and herbs. It revolves around the product and the client. Quality at every level: product, price, presentation, passion, professionalism, personal attention and SERVICE in capital letters.

PUURgroenten Experience Centre

PUURgroenten Experience Centre

PUURgroenten has built an experience centre for you as potential buyer, to taste our products. With 1300M2 of ponds, filled with many different products and variations, we try to give you an idea of what we can produce. But our experience centre is also for us the opportunity to learn from you as chief, restorers, purchaser or customer.

For example, you want your product with or without a edible flower, babyleaf or matured, dark or light green. In other words, you want the products and we try to cultivate that specific product. We give you the opportuntity to take the products directly. We harvest what you want, as babyleaf, mini or matured. You will buy what you see!

Like the words experience tells, it is all about challenging your smell, hearing, sight and taste.